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Teaching empathy

I read an article on CNN last weekend called Babies go to school to teach. The gist of it is that babies are brought into elementary school classrooms to teach children about feelings. This has led to less aggression and bullying among the kids.

I think this is an ingenious and inexpensively elegant way to teach kids to be considerate about other people’s feelings. I know everyone in my family is disarmed by the presence of a baby. There’s something so innocent and good about them that you can’t help but be touched.

Teaching feelings is also a worthwhile endeavor. It may sound silly, but considering all the high-profile teen suicides related to bullying this year, anything that could prevent more from happening is a good thing. Also, kids who grow up knowing to take other people’s feelings into account may be less likely to commit crimes because of how it would make their victims feel. I hope this program, Roots of Empathy, continues to spread and be successful.


Comments on: "Teaching empathy" (3)

  1. A terrific concept; It is true; Being out of touch with one’s feelings does leave a person
    flat and not centered and ungrounded. That is a sad way to live, and frequently
    leaves a person unable to be fully human and fully alive.

  2. […] a key part of understanding our increasingly global world, which is why I was glad to see it being taught to children, especially as self-reported rates of empathy are declining in young people. You can take this quiz […]

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