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Follow-ups to recent posts

Here are a few updates in issues we’ve covered at Progressive Blogic in the last week:

Accusations against Julian Assange: Rachel Maddow interviewed Michael Moore recently, and he talked about his support for Assange and how that interfered with his support of rape victims. I’m not sure I buy his explanation. He still doesn’t seem to understand he can support WikiLeaks’ goal of transparency without smearing assault victims.

Conservative framing: If you haven’t read Rick’s great post We are all being framed, now would be a great time to do so. Then visit the Daily Dish, where readers are discussing the pros and cons of the term “Obamacare.” I have to say I’m against it myself, for the simple fact that conservatives thought it up and mean it to be insulting. Another take here.

DADT repeal: President Obama signed the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” into law today. It will still take a while for the military to implement repeal, but this is a major victory for gay rights activists. I didn’t think this Congress was going to be able to get this done before the end of the session, but I am thrilled to be proved wrong.


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