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"Arsonists posing as firemen"

Paul Krugman has a great column in the New York Times about Republicans’ hypocritical stance on the deficit and budget: The New Voodoo. He says:

So if taxes don’t matter, does the incoming majority have a realistic plan to cut spending? Of course not. Republicans say that they want to cut $100 billion in spending, which is itself small change in a $3.6 trillion federal budget. But they also say that defense, Medicare and Social Security — all the big-ticket items — are off the table. So they’re talking about a 20 percent cut in what’s left, which includes things like running the judicial system and operating the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; they have offered no specifics about where the cuts will fall.

We can only hope common sense wins the day. On a different note, have a safe and happy New Year’s celebration! Thanks for making the first two months of the blog such a success. We look forward to lots more discussion in 2011.


Comments on: ""Arsonists posing as firemen"" (2)

  1. I read this on FB this morning. He is exactly right. Thank you for posting it, Molly.

    • I’d take Republicans much more seriously if they took running the country seriously–but they don’t, so I won’t.

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