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I called it

A few weeks ago I said, “Seriously examining all of the money spent on defense is a vital task, but as soon as such a task is proposed, some politicians are bound to make noise about how cutting funds endangers the safety of our troops.”

Today from CNN: “Defense Secretary Robert Gates staged a pre-emptive attack Thursday in Washington’s looming budget battles, announcing cuts of $78 billion to the U.S. military and defense department, including reducing the size of the Army and Marine Corps.”

And the reaction from Congress?

“I’m not happy,” said Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon, R-California, who just took over as chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. “I remain committed to applying more fiscal responsibility and accountability to the Department of Defense, but I will not stand idly by and watch the White House gut defense when Americans are deployed in harm’s way.”



Comments on: "I called it" (3)

  1. Kudos!

  2. Uncle Dave said:

    ‘Sigh’ is right; Ben or Jerry from Ben and Jerry’s famous ice cream reported that we spend many times more on defense than all the 10 top nations in the world. He, also, proposed an idea to take 2 Billion dollars off the defense budget and turn it over to Education; and we could replace every school in the nation in ten years. And, still have enormous amounts of money to use for defense. Appears that we need some reasonable adjusting to what we are doing – wouldn’t you think ?

    • I do think we need to adjust the defense budget–the question is whether the leaders in Congress will allow a vigorous debate or shut it down entirely.

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