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Ignore the attention-seekers

Amid the coverage of Saturday’s terrorist attack in Tucson comes the news that the abhorrent Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest the funerals of those who were killed, starting with 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green–because her family is Catholic.

The church has been in the news the past few years for protesting funerals of soldiers killed in the Middle East, among others, which the church says is punishment from God for treating gay people like people. Their stance is so extreme not even the radical right has jumped on their bandwagon. Most thinking people agree protesting at a funeral has no place in proper society.

So why do the media continue to cover the church? Surely there are dozens of other angles to the tragedy on Saturday that are more worthwhile and newsworthy. And since protesting a funeral is so singularly ineffective from a policy standpoint, my only conclusion is that what these people really want is attention. The best way to respond to attention-seekers is by ignoring them. This will be my first and last acknowledgment of their existence, and I suggest you forget about them, too.

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