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I adore Rachel Maddow for her witty, logical takedowns of conservative views. One of my favorite segments of hers aired last year, when record snowfalls had people ridiculing the idea of global warming. She answered with a monologue that included bits such as “When it rains in the desert, that does not disprove the existence of the desert. It’s still a desert, even in the place where it rained.” Or in other words, “Global warming isn’t the opposite of snow.”

It may not seem logical, but global warming actually increases snowfall because there’s more moisture in the air. Physics professor Michio Kaku explains this well in “Monster snowstorms still spell global warming.”

I would love for climate change deniers to be right that there’s nothing to worry about because frankly, the worst-case scenarios are terrifying. The effects we have seen just in the past year are devastating: Record flooding in Pakistan, Australia, Brazil, California. Record snowfall in the northeast United States. Some of the highest temperatures on record. It’s difficult to say with 100 percent certainty that climate change is responsible for all of those weather fluctuations, but it’s the most likely explanation.

So the next time 20 inches of snow falls in your area, don’t blame Mother Nature. Blame all of the cars on the roads and the huge factories and super farms that dominate so much of our landscape.


Comments on: "Record snowfall doesn't disprove global warming" (4)

  1. Uncle Dave said:

    Thanks for your reasonable comments;
    I’m more afraid that they are right on
    the warming.

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