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The unemployment rate is 9.4 percent. Millions of Americans are without jobs, health insurance and food stability. The federal deficit is soaring. Many states are facing budget shortfalls. Two wars are still being fought in the Middle East. There’s an uprising in Egypt. So of course the first priority of the new House of Representatives should be…denying women access to abortion.

Wait, what?

Republican leadership in the House has come forward with the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortions Act, which would restrict federal funding for abortions to only those who could prove their pregnancies were the result of “forcible rape.” It doesn’t include provisions for statutory rape or rapes where drugs or alcohol are involved. So a 34-year-old could rape a 13-year-old and that teenager would be forced to carry the pregnancy to term under the proposed law, such as happened in Peru. The awesome crew at Feministing has more on the problems with the law.

Lest you be fooled into thinking Medicaid pays for thousands of abortions each year, Amy Sullivan at Time provides the statistic that in 2001, 56 abortions were paid for. “That’s all abortions for cases in which the mother’s life was in danger, the pregnancy was a result of incest, or in the case of rape.” Nationwide.

A recent poll shows social issues such as abortion at the bottom of the list of things Americans are concerned about, but who cares? It’s not a surprise Republicans are more determined to show their disrespect of women by denying them health care than to create jobs or cut the deficit, but it never fails to make me furious. My own Democratic representative, along with several other Democrats, has signed on in support of the bill, and you can bet I’ll be calling him to express my displeasure.

As Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said, “I consider the proposal of this bill a violent act against women.” Let your representative know you agree by contacting him or her here.


Comments on: "Republicans reveal their true priorities" (11)

  1. I called my congressman and surprisingly, although he is Catholic and has voted against abortion rights in the past, he is unhappy with the ambiguous language on this issue and he is voting against it. So a tiny victory in our district.

  2. What you don’t realize is that if you don’t respect all life first, from cradle to grave, nothing else matters. Besides that, it’s only the Supreme Court that can overturn Roe v Wade. Congress can make sure that the Federal Budget is not used to fund abortion, and that the health care bill gets defunded. That will allow businesses to open up their pockets and fund some jobs.

    • Your first statement is rather contradictory. I do respect any baby that can use a cradle, but fetuses can’t. Yes, only the Supreme Court can overturn Roe, but Congress can make it nearly impossible to get an abortion legally, which just means *illegal* abortions will increase. That doesn’t sound like a good long-term game plan for anti-abortion activists.

      • I misspoke, sorry. What I meant was ‘from womb to tomb’. If you don’t respect life from the moment it is life to the moment it is no longer life (as God said ‘before you were in the womb I knew you…” meaning it was a life before it was conceived), no other issue matters. Legalization of abortion has done nothing but increase the number of abortions overall. Fifty million since Roe was enacted.

        Without a basic respect for all human life, and not many will argue that a fetus isn’t a human life, especially all innocent human life, NOTHING else matters. When you consider that there’s a major country in the news where the employment rate is 10%, having an unemployment rate of 10% is pretty good. This doesn’t mean I don’t respect all able-bodied people’s right to work or that the unemployed should just suffer. One real reason for the high unemployment rate is the push from south of the border taking over real jobs that Americans could do. Another is the cost of union labor. Putting controls on both would do wonders for the employment rate, as would lessening government regulations.

  3. I don’t know what that ‘Catholic’ congressman is ambiguous about. If abortion is not specifically prohibited from funding in the bill, then the bill does not get approved.

    • In response to your most recent comment, obviously we disagree. Abortion has been around as long as pregnancy has; the only thing that will change is whether it is legal or illegal. I trust women to decide what is right for themselves and don’t believe we should value fetuses more than women. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      • Abortion has been around as long as pregnancy has? Don’t think so. Pregnancy is a mammal thing, and lionesses don’t abort their young. Even on a human level, it has not been around as long as pregnancy has. Especially in Judeo-Christian/Montheistic culture. Which is what we are. You’re not seeing the big picture. Abortion is a method to offset the effects of failed birth control. Birth control, an intrinsic evil in and of itself is a device used to allow people to copulate without regard to the consequences, which again, is an intrinsic evil. Don’t want children? Don’t have sex. Have sex? Expect children, and their consequences. Fetuses are not given more rights than women, but they do have the same right to life that all humans have.

  4. Megan McClure said:

    I just looked it up, and our representative in the 4th district has signed it too…..This really infuriates me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I feel the same way. I’ve got my rep’s phone number in front of me and I plan to call this afternoon to demand an explanation.

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