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The art of civil discourse

One of my posts attracted an anti-abortion reader who managed to drag unemployment, immigration and lionesses into our discussion. Although he kept going off the subject, he was polite and didn’t try to tell me I’m going to hell or make any nasty comments. I appreciated that, because I’ve known from the beginning of the blog we would eventually attract a troll or two. After reading feminist blogs for several years, I’ve learned it’s an inevitability.

It’s very difficult for me to walk away from debates on issues I’m passionate about, especially reproductive rights. Even though I know I won’t change my mind and the other person won’t change his mind, it takes a lot of willpower not to keep pointing out facts to support my side. And I could have kept going with the anti-abortion reader for hours, but I let him have the last word in order to end the conversation.

So if you haven’t commented yet, please feel free to do so and mention any suggestions or critiques you might have for us. We are open to hearing opposing views as long as they are made in a respectful way.

Thank you to everyone who has read our posts and commented, and to those who have disagreed with us but done it politely. Our representatives might not always know how to converse among themselves, but this blog gives me hope we can still exchange ideas one-on-one in a civil manner.


Comments on: "The art of civil discourse" (2)

  1. Uncle Dave said:

    You tell them in the right manner; hang in there with your logical and reasonable approach; that style is the most powerful in my book !
    Keep up the great work !

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