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Congress has ticked me off more this week than it has in a long time. HR 3, The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, and HR 358, the Protect Life Act, both had hearings in House committees. You might remember HR 3 as the one that includes the language about “forcible rape,” which after public outcry Republicans said they would remove–but the term was still in the bill as of Feb. 8. HR 358 gets my nomination for misnomer of the decade, as it includes a conscience clause that allows doctors to refuse women emergency care if terminating their pregnancies would save their lives. Get that? Instead of saving a woman’s life, they would let her–and thus her fetus–die. Yeah, that sounds really “life-affirming” to me.

More than one person, including Rep. Christ Smith while introducing the bill, has had the audacity to stand up and say abortion isn’t health care. I’d like to know what else he thinks it is. If it weren’t health care, women wouldn’t have to go to clinics, doctors and hospitals to be treated for it. They wouldn’t have to get prescriptions for medically induced abortions; they could buy them over the counter. They would go to abortion salons the way they go to hair salons. Why don’t they? Oh, because it’s a medical procedure which therefore qualifies it as health care.

The hearings were also less than stellar examples of democracy at work. One woman–one–testified during the HR 3 hearing. For some reason, a Catholic bishop was deemed qualified to speak about women’s health. More women spoke during the HR 358 hearing, but the anti-woman tone of the meeting was clear. One congressman had the temerity to say that choosing between the life of a woman and her fetus never happens.

To learn more, here are some links: NARAL provides a handy chart that compares the two bills here. Read the testimony of anti-choice women who had abortions anyway here. GOP backs massive tax increase to phase out abortion coverage by private insurers. Read testimony of a former pro-life Republican who fell in love. Fighting to survive: the war on women’s health, where Sady Doyle makes the same point I made to an anti-choice commenter this week: Abortion has been around since pregnancy has, and it’s not going away.

What you can do: MoveOn.org has a petition up where you can protest the war on women. Stand with Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Barbara Boxer to oppose these bills. Check out this list of Democrats who are supporting these bills. Thanks to Sassy Savvy Films, a few quick and easy things you can do to oppose the bills.

Please don’t stop there. Call and write your representatives to hold them accountable for their votes. If they support the bills, voice your displeasure; if they oppose the bills, let them know you’ve got their backs. Congress is susceptible to public outrage. Don’t let them get away with this anti-woman, anti-family legislation.


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  1. Thanks for the link :)

  2. Elizabeth said:


    We have power and we can wield it.


    Quick shutdown update – talks went until 3 a.m. with no agreement. The issue Republicans refuse to budge on: defunding women’s healthcare. Yesterday, Sen. Reid said “the only thing holding up an agreement is ideology.” Republicans are so against funding women’s healthcare that they would shut down the federal government over it.

    They are holding America hostage. We need you to hold them accountable.


    They are also taking US women hostage.

    A Radical but peaceful ACTION:

    Sometimes radical but peaceful actions can be very effective.

    I suggest that all US women AND men who value funding for women’s health care unite to help stop the shut down of the US government.

    But you will have to act quickly, today.

    Here is my suggestion for action AND Imagine the headlines tomorrow:


    All US women who value women’s health care funding immediately shut down sex with their husbands, significant others, boyfriends, (sorry) and that gays and lesbians unite to protect women’s health care funding until health care funding for women is protected.

    Post this protest on twitter, face book, etc.

    Call Congress today and speak with ANY Congressional office to get the buzz going about this. (contact numbers below)

    I spoke with the media arm of the national Planned Parenthood office in New York today to suggest this action.

    They are getting the same suggestions from other women

    I left a message for this action with Code Pink.

    I couldn’t get through to NOW (National organization for women)

    The more places you contact the more seriously your protest will be considered.

    So get the word out right away and here’s how.

    1) Let your lover, husband, spouse, boyfriend, partner know your intentions and that you need their help in contacting Congress today or…you will shutdown!

    2) Copy and send this email under your own email address please, to your email addresses and social networks.

    3) Call or fax congressional representatives. Let them know you are serious.

    Call your representative and any others in Congress to get the buzz going that women are mad and they are wielding this form of their power.

    (you won’t get through to the Speaker of the House, you’ll be on hold forever)

    4) Call the media, NPR, radio stations etc. and make your protest known

    5) Call all women’s advocacy organizations you can think of who might help.

    Sometimes you have to make an issue to get recognition and provide a powerful response to injustices.

    United we can make a difference.


    US women (and those who love them and support funding women’s healthcare) are uniting in protest and to protect the funding of women’s health care, the deal breaker with the Republican attempt to shut down the government tonight.

    We are shutting down sex until women’s health care is protected and to stop the shut down of the US government.

    Contact numbers:

    US Congressional Switchboard (ask for your representative or senator)



    You can call NPR at


    Call your local radio stations, your local news media

    You can call Planned Parenthood and ask for the media consultant and leave a message:

    Planned Parenthood Federation of America
    434 West 33rd Street
    New York, NY 10001
    FAX 212-245-1845

    Thank you for all you do to stand up for women’s rights.


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