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I know I’ve been writing a lot on this topic lately, and I won’t apologize, because it’s vitally important, but I do want to explain a bit. The vote the House of Representatives took on Friday to defund Planned Parenthood, along with all of the other anti-choice legislation being proposed around the country, feels like a personal attack on me. My body. My rights. It feels like the people  who represent me, who are supposed to be looking out for my best interests, are saying they care more about their religious beliefs than about my health and the health of millions of other women.

Let’s be clear that this isn’t about saving money. The $327 million of Title X money is a drop in the fiscal bucket. Family planning actually saves $3.80 for every $1 spent. And none of that money Planned Parenthood gets goes toward funding abortions. It hasn’t since 1976, when the Hyde amendment was introduced. I wish it did, because I would much more readily pay for abortions and health care for poor women than I would for wars I don’t believe in.

Instead, what the House voted against was birth control, cancer screenings (for women and men), HIV testing, STI testing, counseling, prenantal and postnatal care, pap smears, vasectomies, and more. Routine physical care. They are so determined to run Planned Parenthood out of business that they want to deny millions of Americans the only health care they can afford. If the Senate passes a similar bill, it would have a devastating effect on people’s health.

Study after study has shown that communities as a whole benefit when women have access to family planning, so this isn’t just a women’s rights issue. It’s a human rights issue. But the attacks are not just happening on a national level.

Republicans (and anti-choice Democrats) want to do all that, which is clearly a war on women. But funding that’s A-OK?

Contraception for horses and advertising for NASCAR.

Nice to know where women fall on the government’s list of priorities.

So to show how much we trust women to make the choices that are best for them, pro-choice activists are walking for reproductive justice on Saturday. There are walks in dozens of cities around the United States, as well as in Australia, the UK and Pakistan. If you can’t go, pass along the information to anyone you might know who would be interested. The main hub for information is the Walk for Choice Tumblr, and information is also being spread via Facebook and Twitter. I plan to join the walk in Chicago. Who will join me in showing solidarity with women?


Comments on: "The fight for reproductive justice" (3)

  1. MY BODY, MY CHOICE. You should also be defending infants from non-consentual circumcision. Also, tax payers should not have the obligation to pay for an abortion for a women who did not properly protect herself from pregnancy. RAPE of course is a different case.

    • I agree women should be able to make their own choices and shouldn’t be forcing their views on others.

      In general, taxpayers don’t get to pick and choose what their money supports. I personally would rather pay for abortions than wars halfway across the world. But I don’t get to make that decision. Also, I think circumcision is a related but separate issue. I’m interested in it but haven’t done enough research to comment knowledgeably.

  2. […] Because Republicans and conservative Democrats have declared a war on women. […]

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