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Bring back 'Firefly'!

A show that has been off the air much longer than it was on has resurfaced in the news recently. Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” was around for only one season, and not even a full one at that, back in 2002. Fans of the show are so passionate that every few months, a story is written about the push to bring the series back to television. The latest is from CNN, Internet-savvy ‘Firefly’ fans fly back into the fight. Writers and actors involved with the series all seem willing to go back into production if given the go-ahead.

Count me among the thousands–millions?–of people who would be thrilled to see “Firefly” back on the air. I was introduced to the show by a co-worker who loaned me her box set of the series. I loved it so much I bought my own copy, as well as the movie sequel, “Serenity.” I have also turned a couple of my family members into fans, and have run into “Firefly” aficionados everywhere. We all have one gripe about the show: it didn’t last long enough.

It’s hard to explain the appeal of “Firefly,” which can be loosely described as a western set it space. The cast was great and had amazing chemistry. The plots were original and entertaining. If you want to check it out for yourself, Hulu has the whole series up here. My favorite episodes are “Out of Gas” and “Ariel.” If you like what you see, join the campaign to bring it back to TV.


Comments on: "Bring back 'Firefly'!" (3)

  1. Megan McClure said:

    If they brought Firefly back that would be amazing!!! I’d be a devoted fan…..hope they could bring back most of the original cast!

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