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Countdown to the Oscars, 2011

I’m more excited for the Academy Awards this year than I have been for any since 2004, when “Return of the King” swept all of the awards. I’m attending an Oscar party tonight that I’m looking forward to. I’ve seen nine of the 10 movies nominated for best picture; the only one I didn’t get to was “127 Hours.” I saw “The Fighter,” although I didn’t write a review of it. The first half had me wondering why I’d wasted my money, but the second half really picked up and was very good. If Christian Bale wins for best supporting actor, he will have earned it.

I’m reserving judgment on James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosting the show, although the clips below are pretty amusing:

You can find a full list of nominees here. I enjoyed “The King’s Speech” the most out of all the movies I saw, so I will be rooting for it to win, but there are a lot of deserving nominees this year. I’ll have a reaction post tomorrow.


Comments on: "Countdown to the Oscars, 2011" (4)

  1. Got my pre-Oscar nap in. I’m ready to go. : )

  2. Jane McClure said:

    Dad & I were both pulling for King’s Speech, but we hadn’t seen the other nominees, so had no way to compare them, unlike you. Hope you enjoyed the party. I didn’t see as much as I would’ve liked–I was cleaning house. We may go see True Grit on Tues. if it’s still on then. Mom

    • I think you’d like “True Grit.” I was glad “The King’s Speech” and Colin Firth won in their categories. Most of the winners deserved their awards but there were a couple I was disappointed in (Melissa Leo for best supporting actress, for one). Overall it was a good but not very exciting show.

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