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Today from Campus Progress comes 18 Fearless Female Journalists, Past and Present, a list that includes women such as Lisa Ling, Katie Couric and Christiane Amanpour as well as Ida B. Wells and Ida Tarbell. Definitely worth a read. And let me give a shout-out to all of the amazing but unrecognized and underappreciated women in journalism I have known, especially the copy editors and page designers. They have caught many mistakes before they make it to print and design visually stunning packages.

Also, today in 1923, photographer Diane Arbus was born. She became famous and controversial for her pictures of marginalized people:

To Sontag, Arbus was a voyeur from the Upper West Side, a coddled depressive, a disillusioned fashion photographer, an emotional midget with an exquisite eye who sought out the marginal and the sensational because, in habituating herself to their horror, she hoped to numb her own pain. She is emblematic of the paradox of photography, that “a pseudo-familiarity with the horrible reinforces alienation, making one less able to react in real life.” Arbus’ suicide, from this perspective, becomes not a proof of her sincerity, as others have read it, but a consequence of her compulsive insincerity.


You can find some of her more risqué photos by doing a Google image search.


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  1. Thanks for the enlightening post.

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