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Overreaching in Libya

At the OFA meeting I attended yesterday, one woman explained her support of President Obama by saying she doesn’t agree with everything he does or says, but she believes in his vision for the country. I do, too, but I am very concerned and disappointed by his decision to attack Libya. From the beginning I thought the invasion of Iraq was a big mistake, and as the war there and in Afghanistan has dragged out, my opposition has been justified. In general I think violence should be the last resort to solve anything, although I know reasoning with Gaddafi is useless. I don’t claim to understand the complexities of the situation, but I know our country can’t afford another entanglement over oil in that region of the world.

Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish is covering events with typical zealousness and has a good roundup of his thoughts as well as analysis from the experts.


Comments on: "Overreaching in Libya" (2)

  1. Ahmad Faisal Alias said:

    i agree with you. the west have been playing cat and mouse with Ghadaffi long enough to know his eccentricities and loopiness. now his supporters (or enemies) will look for western targets for revenge. guess who will be (or will claim to be) their main target??

    • Good point. I want the people of Libya to be free if that’s what they want, but I think it’s ill-advised for the U.S. to enter another conflict without a clear goal or timetable. I could be wrong and the fighting will be wrapped up quickly, but I’m not optimistic.

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