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I’ve been a pretty well informed prochoice activist for several years, but I didn’t fully understand abortion funds until reading this helpful FAQ. Abortion funds are charitable groups set up all over the country to help low-income women pay for abortions. If a woman can’t afford an abortion, she can call an abortion fund and they will give her as much money as they can, although they can’t cover the full cost of the abortion. If she can’t get an abortion locally, that money can also help her with travel and lodging expenses.
Right now there’s a fundraiser going on that will be needed more than ever if Title X funds are cut in ongoing budget negotiations. Title X funds come from the federal government and are earmarked for family planning; the majority of that money goes to Planned Parenthood. In 2010, it amounted to around $317 million in total. Despite what anti-abortion activists want you to think, abortions account for only 3 percent of the services Planned Parenthood provides. Most PP clinics don’t provide abortions but do offer STI testing, cancer screenings, birth control, prenatal care and more. It’s shameful that Republicans are using this as a bargaining chip. For one thing, $317 million is not going to put a sliver of a dent in the deficit. And because of the Hyde amendment, none of the Title X money is allowed to cover abortions, anyway. But Republicans are pandering to their conservative base by passing laws that affect women’s health care. (To their credit, several Republican women have come out against cutting Title X funds, including Olympia Snowe and Lisa Murkowski.)
I have no connection to any abortion funds other than I think they do great work, and I’m supportive of their cause. I donated to several bowling teams whom I follow on social media. I know times are tough, but if you have any extra, consider giving it to the National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon. They’re making great progress but are still less than halfway to their goal, and events are coming up soon. Even if you don’t have anything to spare, check out the link just to read some of the hilarious bowling team names, which prove that feminists DO have a sense of humor: the Bowled and the Beautiful, Bowl vs. Wade, Multiple Scoregasms, Spareway to Heaven, OB P-I-N, Ovaries Before Brovaries, Vag of Courage and Ova Achieva Divas.


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