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I’ve never been a huge fan of Huffington Post, and that feeling solidified recently when it came to light Arianna Huffington refuses to pay her bloggers for their work (Why I’m boycotting the Huffington Post, and I hope you will too). Not only do her business practices leave much to be desired, but her site seems more interested in sensationalism than actual news.

If you are looking for an alternative to HuffPo, you can’t do much better than Mother Jones, which describes itself as “bimonthly magazine of investigative journalism that exposes the evils of the corporate world, the government, and the mainstream media.” The magazine has a print edition as well as a website that is updated 24/7. There are excellent photo essays and daily photos to remind us We’re Still at War. Reporters have written more than 500 posts about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in the year since it happened, and for the anniversary this round-up post of coverage was compiled. This listicle of America’s 10 Most Overpaid CEOs is guaranteed to make you see red. Today Kate Sheppard wrote about “Climategate: What Really Happened?” to investigate “the best-funded, best-organized smear campaign by the wealthiest industry that the Earth has ever known,” according to climate scientist Michael Mann.

If you are a progressive looking for great reporting on important topics, you don’t want to miss Mother Jones.


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