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I was going to post just one video today, of a gelatin cube falling in slow motion, then a Facebook friend shared the below incredible display of athleticism, and I decided to post two videos to make up for missing last week’s Fun Friday. It’s a crime this girl won’t be playing pro herself in a few years. (If you are an e-mail subscriber having problems with the links to the videos, click on the link in the header of the e-mail where it says URL.)

ETA 6 p.m. May 6: A commenter pointed out that the baseball video is fake, and is actually an ad for Gatorade. The point of the ad supposedly is that drinking Gatorade can make you athletic enough that even if you’re a young girl, you can show up pro baseball players. There’s some subtle sexism there, but I still think it’s cool a girl was featured.


Comments on: "Fun Friday: Two videos for the price of one" (4)

  1. Jane McClure said:

    They surely must have used a jiggler type Jello since it stays together. Doesn’t seem like regular Jello would hang together while it’s bouncing. ?? I may have to try it myself.

    • It seems like an odd mix between regular Jell-O and the firmer jiggler kind. Or maybe the slow-motion is creating an illusion that’s not really there.

  2. Fake Finder General said:

    The ball girl video is fake viral marketing for Gatorade.

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