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I’ve written before about my conflicted feelings when it comes to zoos. All things being equal, I think animals are better off in their natural habitats. All things aren’t equal, though, and for some species, zoos are their only chance for survival. I went to the local zoo with family members over the weekend, and there were a few small enclosures that made me sad, but for the most part the animals looked healthy. We talked with a zookeeper who said their Amur leopards, of which there are only about 30 remaining in the wild, had produced four live cubs, including three females, that would go a long way toward retaining genetic variability.


Comments on: "Rethinking my stance on zoos" (5)

  1. Jane McClure said:

    Neat! I went to the zoo w/out leaving home! I also have mixed feelings about zoos. Usually dislike them intensely, but if they’re the only saving grace for some animals, then they may be necessary.

    • I don’t think animals that aren’t endangered should be in captivity, but for those that are on the brink of extinction, zoos may be their only options.

  2. megan mcclure said:

    It’s hard to think of animals like dolphins in aquariums when you have seen them in the wild like we did. Amazing experience!

    • Yes, I’d definitely rather dolphins stay in the wild so they don’t end up in aquariums or as dinner on someone’s plate.

  3. […] than an hour talking about dozens of subjects. Somehow the topic of zoos came up, and I mentioned my recent visit to the one in town, including how sad it is that some of those animals, like the Amur leopards, are […]

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