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Wherever you live, you accept some risk for the type of extreme weather your region is prone to: earthquakes in California; hurricanes in Florida; blizzards in Alaska; tornadoes in Oklahoma. Is there anywhere that’s completely safe? No, but according to the New York Times, some regions are safer than others. It analyzed data for the relative frequency of certain weather patterns and found that Dallas is the most dangerous place to live, while Corvallis, Ore., is the safest. The map below shows that the southeast U.S. is more likely to have extreme weather, and the West less likely. The Midwest and Atlantic Coast are somewhere in the middle. About the only thing you have to worry about in Hawaii is tsunamis, which, along with the natural beauty and lovely people, is a good incentive to move there.



Comments on: "Is there anywhere you can avoid a natural disaster?" (4)

  1. They appear to have left out volcano an tsunami risks. The Pacific Northwest and Hawaii are particularly susceptible to volcanic eruptions a la Mt. St. Helens.

  2. Good point. Maybe the chance of that happening is so small it’s statistically insignificant. I’m not sure what methodology they used, but a volcanic eruption in the northwest is much less likely than a hurricane in the southeast.

  3. @Rick: Are you thinking of the Cascadia subduction zone? This is a source of megathrust earthquakes and large tsunami’s. The magma generated by the subduction process drives the Cascade volcanoes.

    @Molly: Mount Baker is capable of moderate size eruptions, and its ice cap is a credible source of lahars. Glacier Peak is little known, but recognised by volcanologists as capable of largish tephra eruptions, pyroclastic flows and lahars. Mount Rainier and Mount St Helens can speak for themselves – and do! – Mount Adams erupts mainly lava, but can give rise to cinder cone formations.

    Thats just the Washington State volcanoes. If you include the Oregon volcanoes and the demonstrated tsunami and seismic hazards in this state, I think the data on this map is a gross misrepresentation of whats actually there.

    And I’m not an American.

    • Yes. I thought those ought to be included as potential natural disasters in the Pacific NW. Yellowstone caldron is another.

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