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All right, I admit it. I believed Anthony Weiner when he said his Twitter account had been hacked. I read a convincing explanation of how it could have happened, and the man who brought it to everyone’s attention, Andrew Breitbart, has a reputation for smearing innocent people. But I wondered why Weiner didn’t say that the photo that was tweeted wasn’t him. And how would Breitbart have gotten access to photos of Weiner?

So I was very disappointed to hear that Weiner had lied about the whole thing; his account wasn’t hacked and he’d had online flirtations even after he was married.

That’s what really gets me about the scandal. I wouldn’t have cared if Weiner were single, sent the pictures and owned up to it. He’s an adult and he didn’t do anything illegal. But he is married, sent the pictures and lied about it. That shows his character wasn’t as upstanding as I’d hoped it was. I don’t think he should resign, but I do think an ethics investigation and any subsequent discipline are appropriate. It’s disturbing that he was apparently doing this on government property that taxpayers fund.

As someone said online, Anthony the congressman is brilliant, but Anthony the human is just as flawed as the rest of us. I still hope Weiner does great things in Congress, but I can no longer be an ardent supporter.


Comments on: "In which my cynicism grows a little bit more" (4)

  1. A good friend of mine equates politics to lying – I am beginning to think she is exactly right. Though I have to say, each time something like this happens I appreciate the truthful (and perhaps boring) politicians that do not live scandal-laden lives that much more, regardless of their party affiliation.

    • I don’t think being a politician automatically makes you a liar, but all too often that’s the case. I agree about appreciating “boring” officials.

  2. You said it perfectly Molly. I feel exactly the same way.

    • Thanks. We need strong progressive voices like his, but not if they’re breaking laws and lying about it.

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