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This is probably the best explanation of privilege I’ve ever read. All I can say is read it and absorb it.

Today I’m feeling 101-y, I guess, so let’s talk about privilege. It’s a weird word, isn’t it? A common one in my circles, it’s one of the most basic, everyday concepts in social activism, we have lots of unhelpful snarky little phrases we like to use like “check your privilege” and a lot of our dialog conventions are built around a mutual agreement (or at least a mutual attempt at agreement) on who has privilege when and how to compensate for tha … Read More

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Comments on: "On the difference between Good Dogs and Dogs That Need a Newspaper Smack. (via Sindelókë)" (2)

  1. The Devil's Towelboy said:

    No, privilege is more along the lines of being to whine on about whatever nonsense you please and be able to deflect any kind of criticism with accusations of misogyny. And have people line up behind you. That’s privelige.

    • Are you trying to say women are more privileged than men because they can claim misogyny whenever men criticize them? If so, congratulations, the blog post went completely over your head.

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