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The new job search

Almost four months after my last post, I don’t have much to show for my job search. As I found when I was looking for a job a year-plus ago, it’s tough to break into an industry for which I’m qualified but lack experience. Before I took the job with OFA Ohio last March, I’d been looking into editing jobs across a spectrum of companies. That’s always been what I love to do. My dream job growing up was to edit “Star Wars” books; today I can’t tell you what my dream job is, only that it has to involve editing. When I got to college, the student newspaper came to my communications class to discuss jobs that were available; one was a copy editor, which required a test that I passed, and thus earned my first paycheck. I got on-the-job training there that led to jobs at newspapers after college, but I’m ready for a change. Journalism is an amazing, vibrant, vital profession, but it’s also stressful and rather unstable.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to change careers, especially in this economy. I’m back where I was before I started with OFA Ohio and haven’t been having much luck with traditional job search techniques, so last week I picked up a couple of books on using social media to find a job. One recommendation was to start a blog, which made me feel guilty for neglecting this space. I’m not sure it’s the kind of thing I want a potential employer to read — I’m not ashamed of the content but most companies are politically neutral or conservative — but I figured it couldn’t hurt to let my few readers know I’m looking. If you hear of any jobs in the Chicago area that involve editing or writing, drop me a line! I really am an exemplary employee; I maintain good relationships with all of my former bosses, who have been sorry to see me leave.

Or, if you have any unusual job search tips you want to pass along, I would be happy to have those, as well. I know five or six people who are also looking for new jobs and might appreciate suggestions. I spent a lot of time today updating my LinkedIn profile, which, at least according to one of the books I have, is the place to be active and networking. I’ve been a member for several years but confess to not getting the point until recently. I asked around, but no one seemed to have gotten much out of the site. Apparently I wasn’t talking to the right people.


Comments on: "The new job search" (2)

  1. Uncle Dave said:

    Glad to see you in print again; Glad you are in Chi town looking for a career !
    Trust the Universe; It knows where we are meant to Be ! ! !
    Good People like You are Difficult to Find 1

    • Thanks for the support, Uncle Dave! It may take a while, but I have faith I’ll end up where I’m meant to be.

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