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The Tide of times?

I could hardly stand to watch the Super Bowl commercials this year because of their sexism and racism, so I have been pleasantly surprised to see increasing diversity in commercials recently. I doubt they mark a turning point in conventional advertising, but all the same, they are comforting to someone like me who gets tired of seeing “mom does all the housework and parenting”/”all families are white” tropes all the time. Have you noticed any I’ve missed?

Tide acknowledges dads do laundry.

Gogurt knows dads pack lunches, although I might give this a B instead of an A for nagging the dad via sticky notes.

Kmart showcases families of color.

Kindle understands women aren’t the only ones with husbands.

Sprint gives airtime to an interracial family (yes, it’s a gag, but I still think it’s noteworthy).


Comments on: "The Tide of times?" (2)

  1. I especially like the Kindle advertisement.

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