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Women's ski jumping approved for 2014 Olympics

There’s been so much bad news in the last few weeks sometimes I just want to bury my head under my pillow. Today I was thrilled to see that the International Olympic Committee has finally approved women’s ski jumping for 2014. You may remember from my post a few months ago (Let her jump) that ski jumping was the only sport that didn’t have both a men’s and a women’s competition. Women ski jumpers sued to gain access to the Vancouver Olympics, and although a judge ruled they were facing discrimination, the court couldn’t force the committee to allow the women to compete. After the lawsuit an Olympic official even made vaguely threatening comments about the women’s future chances since they had been critical of the IOC.

It’s been a long battle, but I look forward to seeing women zoom down the jumps and slopes in Sochi, Russia.


Let her jump

Did you know that ski jumping is the only Olympic sport that women aren’t allowed to compete in? For no good reason?

It’s disgraceful that there are still events women are not allowed to participate in simply because they’re women. The International Olympic Committee is holding off on making a decision until next spring. Show your support by visiting Let Her Jump.